Stefani is currently co-director of the Northern Mongolia Archaeology Project with Dr. Julia Clark at the American Center for Mongolian Studies, has done fieldwork in the back country of Mesa Verde, in Gaulish France, and in the Western Desert of Australia.


For more information on the ongoing Mongolian project, please go to

She has also worked in the United States doing academic archaeology, cultural resource management, and has worked abroad doing various archaeology and ethnographic projects.

Mesa Verde National Park

  • Archaeological Field Survey and remapping of backcountry sites


  • Excavation of Gallo-Roman building in ancient town of Rauranum


  • Survey, site recording and excavation of Bronze Age habitations
  • Ethnography of modern pastoralist economies

Watson Fellowship: New Zealand, Samoa, India, Vietnam

  • Ethnographic interviews of indigenous women related to use of traditional medicine for daily healing, as well as for childbirth and pregnancy.

Some of Stefani’s Cultural Resource Management projects included:

  • Site testing for stream restoration in Eastern Washington.
  • Site revisitation for the Grant County PUD along the Columbia River.
  • Archaeological Field Survey of Jonah Field, Pinedale, WY Transmission Line.
  • Archaeological Field Survey of Devon Grayling.
  • Archaeological Field Survey High Planes Windfarm, Laramie, WY Transmission Line.
  • Archaeological Field Survey Keystone XL, Montana.
  • Archaeological Field Survey of Campbell Hills Windfarm, Casper, WY.
  • MAPL-Western Expansion Project for Enterprise Products, LLC. Sweetwater County, Wyoming.
  • Archaeological Field Survey of Carter Lake and Flatirons Reservoir, CO.
  • Archaeological Field Survey of Greenwing High Planes Windfarm, WY.

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