Archaeology. Computational Social Science. Archaeoecology. Ethnography. Environmental Science.

Dr. Stefani A. Crabtree is an Assistant Professor in Socio-Environmental Modeling in the Department of Environment and Society of the Quinney College of Natural Resources at Utah State University and ASU-SFI Biosocial Complex Systems Fellow at the Santa Fe Institute. She additionally holds external affiliation at Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity, and the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage. Her research applies complex systems science modeling methodologies (such as agent-based modeling and network science) to problems in social science and ecology. Dr. Crabtree holds two Ph.D.s, one from Washington State University (Anthropology, 2016) and one from the Université de Franche-Comté (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme et l’Environnement, 2017).

My research explores the impacts of human/environment interaction and examines how the actions and interactions of individuals can have large overarching consequences for ecosystems and society.

I am co-director of the Northern Mongolia Archaeology Discovery in Science, lead fieldwork in the back country of Mesa Verde, in Gaulish France, and in the Western Desert of Australia.

I use agent-based modeling (ABM) to examine how the interactions among people and between people and their environments led to the development of complex society.

Crabtree’s paper in Nature Human Behaviour was the Winner of the 2021 Hyperion Research Innovation Excellence Award. This is the first time archaeology has won this award, sponsored by NASA and others.


Crabtree’s work being commented on by Al Gore below at an invited talk in 2021.

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